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  • Oct 06 2015

    Quick & Effective Branding Ideas

    There are successful branding strategies that can effectively grow your business at a lower cost than traditional marketing;  such as newspaper or television advertising.  Branding is the maketing of your company's products, logos and slogans to increase customer recognition of your business.  By building a recognized brand in your market, you reduce your reliance on traditional marketing and increase loyalty and referrals from your existing and future customers...

    Community Marketing:  Getting your company involved in your community is a great way to increase consumer recognition of your brand.  Sponsoring a yourth sports team builds good will, especially from the parents of the children on your team.

    Loyalty Programs:  Maintaining a loyal customer base is crucial for your business to survive.  Repeat customers contribute a steady flow of income to your company and are more likely to refer your business to their friends.  Reward those loyal customers by creating a "loyalty" rewards program.  By keeping track of your customer's purchases and rewarding them with discounts, you'll ensure they'll stay with you and may even refer other customers to you. 

    Referal Incentivies:  Consumers are more likely to trust a company that is highly referred from their friends over a comany that they see in a regular advertisement.  Start a rewards program for customers who give you referrals.  It's a win-win for both of you.

    Hold Power® Technology:  An affordable and effective way to communicate all of the above branding ideas is to incorporate Hold Power® technology to your company's phone system.  Any time a caller / customer is waiting on your phone lines, they could be hearing all the valued-added benefits your company can and will provide.  Hold Power® is effecctive, inexpensive and target marketing at its best!!!  Call us today for a free Hold Power® virtual test drive!!

  • Jul 06 2015

    Are You A “Take Control” Kind of Person?

    If you are a person that likes to “take control” of your office's marketing message, then Hold Power 24® is perfect for you!  A big percentage of on-hold companies still e-mail files to their customers, requiring the customer to download the file to a USB flash drive and then climb over the brooms to insert USB in their playback unit.  That’s no fun AND you have to depend on your provider to e-mail a new file each and every time you update your messaging, which of course is labor intensive and leaves you NOT in control.

    Hold Power 24® technology will empower your ability to mix, manage, schedule and deploy your playlists / updates automatically for days, weeks, months, even years in advance with the click of a mouse!  Literally from your fingertips to your customer’s ears within 30 minutes of your command.  And…You can deploy from anywhere in the world because Hold Power® is cloud based technology. 

    So, if you are a “take control” person and tired of climbing over the brooms every time you need to change and update your on-hold messaging, please ask us to put you behind the wheel of a Hold Power 24® virtual test drive, which we can do with a phone call and you in front of your computer.  In just a few minutes, you will see how this incredible technology works, and how you can “take control” of your on-hold marketing AND save money!  We look forward to hearing from you!

  • May 28 2015

    Here's to the Pony Express

    This year marks the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express.  In fact, in April Google celebrated the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express on its blog and homepage with a Google Doodle, paying homage to this early form of timely, long-distance correspondence. 

    On April 3rd, 1860, William H. Russell, Alexander Majors & William B Waddell created a system of communication between California and Missouri that (at the time) was a marvel of expedient correspondence, taking men on horseback approximately 10 days to complete their deliveries.  Riders often faced environmental hazards and obstacles along the way, which made such a speedy and successful trek even that much more impressive.

    “The notion of triumph through adversity is so inspirational,” states Google’s blog post.

    The Pony Express is a fundamental example of the pioneering spirit that has developed timely communications over the decades, eventually leading us to this point in the Digital Age.  Information-sharing now takes seconds instead of days, and we can connect with one another hundreds of miles away in an instant.

    A lot has changed since the Pony Express, but the importance of up-to-date business communications is still vital to any company’s success.  What your callers hear when they call your business should speak to your professional courtesy and the timeliness of the information you share.  Customers want to know what specials your company is currently offering, what new services you’re providing, and how your business has grown over the past year.

    Your customers deserve timely information as well.  With Internet-driven technologies, such as Hold Power 24®, you can keep your business’ on-hold music and messaging up-to-date with the click of a mouse or the tap of your mobile device.  With such technology, you can:

    • Plan, write and request your messages in advance using an easy to use Web interface,
    • Access your library of custom messages and music options,
    • Create your own custom on-hold playlist, and
    • Schedule your on-hold productions to play over your phones when you want – ensuring that the information you share with your callers is never out-of-date.

    And these digital audio solutions don’t just apply to on-hold deployment -- they can be integrated across all your audio and multimedia sources to create one cohesive marketing campaign, including in-store/overhead messaging, video messaging and website/streaming audio as well.

    Business correspondence and communications have evolved immensely since 1860, but one principle remains the same – we, as a society, function at our best when we receive timely, pertinent information.  Let the inspiration of the Pony Express guide the timeliness of your messages -- give us a call today at 800-769-4203 and find out how we can help you create up-to-date on-hold messaging and comprehensive audio marketing solutions for your company.

  • Apr 17 2015

    Give Your Website a Voice!

    TMS Audio Productions, Inc., specializes in on-hold audio, overhead/in-store audio, IVR messaging and other voice-over productions. 

    And one often overlooked, yet very important area of voice-over marketing today is website audio. 

    What your customers hear when they navigate your website speaks volumes.   Our marketing expertise combined with our outstanding voice talents make TMS Audio your best choice for voice-over strategies in the Digital Age.  Whether you need a voice-over clip for an online video production or simply need someone to hear your message while browsing your social media page, TMS Audio Productions is your go-to team to maximize your marketing reach.   

    And if developing a multimedia marketing strategy seems, well, overwhelming…don’t worry.  We’re happy to discuss comprehensive audio, video and Internet marketing options in simple, easy-to-understand terms. 

    Get more clicks and make more sales!  Find out how we can craft the perfect voice-over and marketing campaign to successfully brand your business – give us a call at 800-769-4203 for a free consultation.

  • Mar 16 2015

    Branding in 2015

    A key word used the field of business and marketing today is BRANDING.  So what exactly does branding mean? 

    Simply put, your brand is your promise to the customer.  It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates what makes your company’s value-added benefits better than that of your competitors.  Your brand is derived from who you are as a business, who you want to be and how people perceive you.

    Defining your brand is like a journey of business self-discovery.  What is your company’s mission?  What are the benefits and features of your products or services?  What do your customers and prospects already think about your company?  What qualities do you want them to associate with your company?  And last, but not least, what do you callers hear when they need to wait on hold?

    Think about this!  In many cases, your prospective new customers’ first impression is over the phone.  That is why it is so very important to answer the phone professionally, wearing a smile.  An extension of that professional courtesy is what your callers hear when it is necessary to place them on hold. 

    Consistent, strategic branding leads to a strong brand equity, which means the added- value brought to your company’s products or services.  As a caller has a phone to their ear, waiting for assistance, there’s no better time to provide that caller with valuable information.   Use this wait time productively, describing benefits and creating a desire for your caller to learn more about what you can do for them.

    Branding!  It’s essential to the short and long term success of your business!  For unbeatable, comprehensive on-hold service and marketing consultation, contact TMS Audio Productions, Inc.  today!  Give us a call at 800-769-4203.

  • Feb 17 2015

    It’s Great to Have Options!

    When buying groceries the other day, I was faced with a decision.  Not whether I wanted to purchase skim milk or 2%, but how I wanted to actually purchase my groceries: via self-checkout of via the cashier line.  As I thought about it, there were advantages to both checkout methods.  One offered the convenience and speed of checking myself out.  I could ring up my items, choose my payment method, and I’d be on my way at my own pace.  However, if I chose a cashier line, I would receive the personal service and ease of letting a friendly grocery clerk ring up my items for me, bag them, and confirm my payment.  While this whole process may seem trivial to ponder for too extensive a period of time, it is a wonderful illustration of what makes great service – having options!  No matter what products or services consumers are buying, at the end of the day, they need options.   

    The same goes with your business’ marketing.

    At TMS Audio Productions, we pride ourselves on giving companies options when it comes to their on-hold music and messaging.  If you want complete control over your on-hold messaging – from scriptwriting to deployment into your phone system – then Hold Power 24® is for you!  You can request custom messages, choose your music, mix your playlist and even schedule your on-hold production, all right from your computer or mobile device. 

    And for those who want us to manage your on-hold productions from top-to-bottom, we’re happy to do that as well!  No matter what phone system you have or what your audio marketing goals are, our goal is to provide you with the best audio marketing and on-hold service available. 

    TMS Audio is your on-hold messaging team for polishing your brand and extending professional courtesy to your callers.  Call 800-769-4203 and give us a try today!

  • Jan 09 2015

    Make On-Hold a Priority in 2015

    As we begin a new year, it’s a moment for both reflection and optimism.  No matter what challenges your business experienced in 2014, this year brings a fresh start and the opportunity for a brighter future. 

    Make sure you review your company’s marketing plan, and analyze your on-hold marketing strategy.  Here’s a New Year’s music on-hold and messaging checklist:

    1. Put yourself on-hold at your business – call in to your business as if you were a customer/client and ask to be placed on-hold.  This will also give you a chance to hear your IVR (Interactive Voice Response, also called auto-attendant) messages.
    2. Make a list of upcoming events, important dates and information you want your customers/clients to hear in the upcoming weeks and months. 
    3. Assess your technology – what type of phone system and on-hold system do you use?  Are you still using cassette tapes or do you use a flash drive playback device?  You may want to consider even newer options, such as TMS Audio’s Hold Power 24® instant-mix technology with Scheduling Plus™.  This technology is cloud-based, allowing you to manage your on-hold from any computer at any time!  Hold Power 24™ has the flexibility to accommodate flash drive playback devices, VoIP file uploads, or even Scheduling Plus™ automated hands-free delivery to one or multiple locations simultaneously.   Schedule your productions to play days, weeks or months in advance, and enjoy hands-free on-hold production delivery directly to your phone system – no external media is required. 
    4. Assess your investment – it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re getting the best service, technology, and value for your marketing dollars.  TMS Audio consistently beats the competition by upgrading clients’ technology and saving them up to 50% off of what they were paying with their previous on-hold provider. 

    Resolve to make your on-hold marketing a priority this year.  And, as always, let us know if you have any questions about your on-hold marketing strategy or system configuration -- call us at 800-769-4203 today. 

  • Dec 08 2014

    Season's Greetings!

    The hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season is a great thing – it means business is picking up!  But it also means your marketing team is operating under an increased workload.  With so many irons in the fire this time of year, it’s easy to overlook elements of a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

    Make sure to incorporate personalized audio messaging as part of your holiday marketing strategy.  Extending professional courtesy to your customers and callers is not only good business practice, it’s also fundamental to showing respect for your callers’ time. 

    Take a moment to analyze your on-hold and audio messages to make sure you’re sharing relevant, timely information, and feel free to extend holiday greetings as well.  A few friendly words and well-wishes can go a long way in making someone’s day and making your callers feel welcome. 

    Share your business’ message with your customers and callers, and remember that sincere greetings are always welcome during this busy time of year.  You never know…amidst the anxiety of hectic holiday to-dos, your message may brighten someone’s day, even while they’re on-hold.

    For on-hold messaging and audio marketing ideas, call the TMS team at 800-769-4203 and let us be a part of your successful marketing strategy.

    From all of us at TMS Audio, Happy Holidays!

  • Nov 05 2014

    A Note About Music On-Hold Audio Quality

    The Digital Age has brought us an incalculable number of communication advancements, especially in the area of music and audio delivery.  Hand-held devices can hold thousands of songs, and play them back in crystal-clear digital quality. 

    On-hold music and messaging has also benefited from digital technology and innovation.  Gone are the days of the cassette tape playback devices – digital file delivery has streamlined the way we deliver on-hold and overhead music, messaging and marketing to customers and callers. 

    And on-hold audio quality…well, that too has improved, but there’s more to the story.

    If you’ve ever called a business from your cell phone and been put on-hold only to hear skipping, scratchy on-hold audio, you might have thought, “do they have a 1940s turntable hooked up to this thing?”  The truth is, the playback device is probably playing the same crystal-clear file format you’re used to hearing on your smart phone or streaming music service, but it’s being delivered over your cellular/mobile service line – not via the Internet. 

    Cellular/mobile phone service providers use what’s called a “codec” to compress and deliver voice calls.  The codec makes sure that voice calls sound their best, while conserving bandwidth on the company’s towers, and also canceling any ambient background noise from the call.  To achieve these goals, the codec must filter out frequencies at the high and low end of the sound spectrum – in essence, anything the codec determines is outside the vocal range.  The human ear can hear from about 20htz (the deep bass notes) to 20,000htz (the tinny high cymbal notes).  However, the human voice stays typically between the 80htz and 300htz range (technically, it can peak at around 3,000htz, such as a shrill scream).

    Since the codec attempts to filter out anything that’s not a human voice, on-hold voice messages will still sound great, but the high-quality on-hold music file one hears accompanying the voice message will sound scratchy, compressed and choppy.

    That being said, rest assured, TMS Audio will give you the best possible on-hold experience in the industry today.  Technology regarding call quality and mobile phone delivery is still rapidly evolving, and we are confident that an improved caller experience in regards to on-hold audio delivery is on the horizon.  Until then, TMS is working tirelessly to ensure you are getting the absolute best quality on-hold music, messaging and marketing information delivered to your callers’ ears.  In fact, TMS Audio takes steps in-studio to optimize its on-hold music file frequencies for the best possible playback over both landline and mobile devices.

    For further information about on-hold technology, give us a call at 800-769-4203, or contact us via our website.

  • Sep 29 2014

    IVR? MOH?…huh? 

    Many folks often think that any recorded message they hear on a business’ phone is considered an on-hold message.  Technically, there are three types of recordings callers hear when calling a business: on-hold music and messaging (also referred to as Music On-Hold or “MOH”), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and after-hours/holiday closing messages.

    MOH is what most people are familiar with.  When a caller is put on-hold and waiting to speak to someone, this is the combination of music and messaging they hear.  Some on-hold consists only of music, while some companies choose to play only voiced messages.  We here at TMS Audio Productions recommend a combination of both music and on-hold messages specifically branded and targeted to your audience.  After all, the goal of successful on-hold music and messaging is twofold: to inform your company’s callers and to polish your company’s brand.

    An IVR recording, often referred to as an auto-attendant, is the recorded voice prompt that directs you to the right extension or department you are trying to reach.  Often confused with MOH, the IVR prompt is actually what you hear before you are connected to a live person.  An example of an IVR prompt would be, “To speak to an associate in our sales department, please press 1.”

    After-hours/holiday closing messages are also often confused with MOH.  If a business is closed, it may have its phone system set to automatically answer the call and play a pre-recorded message specifically relevant to an after-hours or holiday closing.

    MOH, IVR, and after-hours/holiday messaging are vital parts of your business’ audio marketing strategy, and they serve as the first impression to many first-time callers reaching out to your company.  Leave a positive lasting impression with your callers by providing them with professional music and informative messaging.  For more information on MOH, IVR and after-hours messaging,  let us know – e-mail us or give us a call today at 800-769-4203. 

  • Aug 29 2014

    Your "Go-To" On-Hold Company

    Everyone has their go-to person.  You know – the car-loving cousin who will happily drive - or fix - anything with four wheels.  Or that pc-savvy nephew you always turn to when your computer freezes up or your Internet connection goes down.  The creative aunt that has a great eye for interior design and updating.  Or the handyman brother that is always there with a hammer and nail when you embark on a not-so-smooth home improvement endeavor. 

    We all have a go-to person.  When it comes to your business' on-hold messaging and audio marketing presence, who do you turn to?  Are you letting enthusiastic employees take the reins of your on-hold messaging?  Do you let your assistant manager voice your in-store specials?  Or do you entrust a friendly, outgoing associate to record on-hold messages about your products and services?

    If so, you may not be taking full advantage of your marketable on-hold messaging opportunities. 

    Some things are best left to the professionals.  Here at TMS Audio, our team of veteran voice talents and copywriters has a long resume of success, and our specially-trained personnel know how to best share your business’ message with callers and customers.  After all, your cousin may be a knowledgeable guy, but sometimes it’s better to let a certified mechanic look under the hood to make sure you don’t end up stranded on the side of the road.

    Don’t let the competition pass you by.  Gain the peace-of-mind and value-added benefits of having experienced on-hold messaging and audio marketing experts in your corner.  Combine TMS' decades of voiceover and audio marketing experience with its cutting-edge Hold Power 24® technology, and you have a winning formula for successful on-hold messaging, marketing and audio branding.

    E-mail us or give us a call at 800-769-4203 for a no-obligation quote and a free on-hold marketing consultation.  Let us know how we can do to polish your brand today!

  • Jul 29 2014

    A True Story about a Bank

    One of our associates recently called a local bank to conduct business.  When on-hold, our associate noticed the branch was using a local radio feed for its on-hold music and messaging.  And when the commercials were playing, the associate heard a competitor advertising mortgage services on that station. 

    There are two points of caution one can observe from this example:  First and foremost, playing the radio over one’s on-hold system can be illegal.  Special licensing must be obtained to broadcast a radio feed over commercial devices that transmit to the public.  Without a commercial license, a business that broadcasts radio to its callers and customers is in violation of copyright laws.

    The second point of caution: If a business doesn't take control of its marketing presence, a competitor will capitalize at its expense. 

    One challenge with planning one’s on-hold messaging and marketing is that business personnel are simply unaware of its impact on customers.  After all, bank associates and executives rarely call themselves and ask to be put on-hold.  Print ads can easily be reviewed by analyzing the proof copy before it goes to press.  Radio and television ads can be reviewed in-studio before they hit the airwaves.  And Web advertising can be proofed before it's uploaded to Internet venues.  However, many businesses simply overlook their on-hold presence because it’s directed exclusively to customers/callers – “out of sight, out of mind” as the saying goes. 

    It may seem like niche marketing -- but not only is on-hold messaging crucial to your business’ branding and marketing of products and services, it is essential to creating and maintaining a professional image as a whole. 

    Stay legal, polish your brand, and never let your competitors use your phones to advertise their products and services.  Speak to a TMS Audio Productions associate today at 800-769-4203, and let us analyze your on-hold marketing strategy. 

  • Jul 11 2014

    Tight Budget?  Invest in Marketing.

    The impact of the Great Recession that was set in motion in 2008 can still be felt today.  The earthquake of events that took place shook families and businesses large and small, causing a tsunami of financial downturns reaching from Wall Street to Main Street.  As businesses struggled to balance their budgets and make payrolls, fiscal managers had to make hard choices and trim budgets in several areas – and marketing budgets were often first on the chopping block.   Wharton School of Business marketing professor Peter Fader points out that “The first reaction is to cut, cut, cut, and advertising is one of the first things to go.”1  And that’s exactly what happened -- when [advertising giant Omnicom] polled its members in February, 2009, to learn how they were being affected by the economic downturn, 93% of respondents mentioned cost-cutting, with almost 37% reporting budget cuts greater than 20%.2

    Belt-tightening is still going on today, as families and businesses still feel the effects of the last 6 years.  With that, companies are hesitant to revisit comprehensive marketing strategies due to fear of recurring expenses and doubts about return-on-investment.

    But there are reasons for businesses to take heart and invest in polishing their brands again.  Even in 2008, Professor Fader stressed that today’s economy “provides an unusual opportunity to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd […] if your company has something to say that is relevant in this environment, it’s going to be more efficient to say it now than to say it in better times.”  A McGraw-Hill Research study observing 600 companies from 1980 to 1985 found that those businesses that maintained or increased their advertising budgets during the 1981 and 1982 recession had dramatically higher sales after the economy recovered.  In fact, their sales were 256% higher than companies that chose not to continue their advertising campaigns during that timeframe.2  John Quelch, a Harvard professor of Business Administration, further emphasizes the point that recessions are a great opportunity for investing in one’s marketing strategy.  “It is well documented that brands that increase advertising during a recession, when competitors are cutting back, can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than during good economic times.”1  Forrester Research’s Shar Vonboskirk points out that even during the Great Depression, Chevrolet invested in pioneering the billboard.  The result?  “In ’31, Chevrolet was being outsold by Ford, but its outdoor advertising campaign helped the Chevy 6 become the best-selling car in its class until 1938.”1

    These principles are as true today as they were in 2008 and 2009. Your company may not be pioneering the billboard, but investing in a comprehensive marketing strategy (including on-hold audio marketing, overhead audio marketing and digital signage) will reap great rewards for your company now and for years to come. 

    Let TMS Audio Productions be a part of your marketing toolkit.  Give us a call at 800-769-4203 and let us be a part of polishing your brand and enhancing your image.

    1 Knowledge Wharton, “Don’t Skimp On Ad Budgets,” Forbes Magazine (December 2008)

    2 Jessica Scanlon, “Is Recession the Time to Boost Ad Spending?”  Bloomberg Businessweek  (May  2009)

  • Jun 09 2014

    The History of the Custom Playlist

    This may come as a shock to the youth of today, but the first-ever music playlists weren’t digital.

    The mixtape’s origins date back to the 1960s, when bootleg/illegal 8-track compilations of various songs could be purchased on the street, at truck stops and at gas stations.  In the 1980s, the trend of customizing one’s music listening grew.  Cassette tapes allowed listeners to dub their own personal collections of songs onto a single cassette tape using their own home stereo equipment.  In essence, using two tape decks, listeners could dub several songs from various tapes onto a single mixtape. 

    Today we enjoy the benefits of the digital music revolution.  A host of software apps have empowered us to become our own DJs -- we can mix our very own custom playlists right on our computers and mobile devices, complete with cover art and band history.  With online music stores and cloud streaming services, we have hundreds of thousands of music selections waiting at our fingertips, available for instant listening at anytime, anywhere. 

    In the commercial space, digital audio has revolutionized marketing as well.  On-hold, in-store and point-of-contact marketing, once confined to the plastic walls of the cassette tape, have been liberated by today’s cutting-edge digital technologies.  TMS Audio has harnessed today’s technologies in order to provide the ultimate convenience and control over one’s on-hold messaging and in-store marketing.  Hold Power 24® puts you in control, with a professional and easy-to-use interface for mixing your own custom on-hold music and messaging playlists – anytime, from anywhere.  Request custom messages from our professional voice talents, mix your messages with your choice of music, and even schedule your on-hold or in-store productions right from your computer or mobile device.  It’s that easy. 

    The mixtape may be gone, but it’s definitely not forgotten – the “totally rad” spirit of customizing one’s listening experience lives on in today’s digital world, both for private listening and for commercial marketing.  Treat your callers to professional, customized marketing that polishes your brand and enhances your company’s image.  Find out more about Hold Power 24® – give us a call at 800-769-4203 today.

  • May 06 2014

    Listen to Yourself

    Successful companies regularly evaluate their marketing and communications strategies to make sure they are maximizing their time and efforts to connect with their clients.  Unfortunately, on-hold marketing is often overlooked during these evaluations.

    To evaluate your company’s on-hold marketing, take a minute to call your place of business and asked to be placed on hold.  What do you hear?  This is what your callers hear when they are placed on hold as well.  It’s easy to overlook your on-hold communications since it is a passive, one-way form of communication (in other words, your business’ employees are not actively communicating with callers when they are on hold).  However, it is just as important to extend the same professional courtesy to your callers when they are on hold as you do when talking with them one-on-one. 

    How do you quantify the impact of your on-hold communications and marketing?  Use the TMS Audio On-Hold Time Calculator to get an idea of the impact on-hold wait times can have on your callers:

    Bottom line: when it comes to communicating your messages, time is valuable – and seconds count.  Your music on-hold and messaging strategy is just as vital as your other marketing endeavors, and it is an essential part of your company’s communications toolkit. 

    Polish your brand and enhance your professional image with on-hold marketing solutions from TMS.  Give us a call at 800-769-4203, and we’ll be happy to discuss your music on-hold & messaging strategy today.

  • Apr 01 2014

    PBX, Key, VoIP… Oh My!

    PBX? Key? VoIP?  If these terms have you scratching your head, we understand. 

    PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and Key (a term coined by Bell Systems to describe a customer-controlled switching system) are simply terms that describe a traditional business phone system.   PBX and Key phone system manufacturers include Cisco, Panasonic, Toshiba,  AT&T, Mitel, NEC just to name a few.  And even though PBX and Key system technologies started out having different functionalities, the advent of digital technology has blurred the lines considerably on how these systems work today.  In fact, many modern phone systems are a hybrid of both technologies.  Bottom line: both PBX and Key systems have a central piece of hardware that resides in a phone room at your business, and that hardware is responsible for managing your company’s phone calls.   

    With the progression of Internet capabilities, digital technology has broadened the telecommunications landscape even further.  VoIP system providers include Shortel, Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC and many others.  Whereas PBX and Key systems utilize traditional copper phone lines to deliver calls, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems use Internet connectivity to manage voice calls and features.  VoIP systems offer a number of benefits, including potential cost savings, flexibility, ease-of-installation, software integration and mobility.  Like traditional PBX and Key systems, many VoIP systems utilize central hardware for routing calls and delivering caller features, however some VoIP providers (including 8x8, AT&T, Vonage, Nextiva, Vocalocity and others) utilize a hosted PBX technology that is “cloud-based.”  Hosted PBX system hardware resides off-site, thus all calls and features are managed via a third-party VoIP provider’s server/cloud-based technology.

    There are strengths and weaknesses to PBX/Key, VoIP and hosted VoIP technologies; however, no matter which phone system you decide fits your needs best, when it comes to your music on-hold & messaging, we have you covered.  TMS Audio’s Hold Power 24® on-hold system supports any business telephone technology on the market today…and it is guaranteed for whatever the future has in store.  We’ve developed Hold Power 24® from the ground-up to be compatible with any phone system you choose, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your on-hold marketing strategy. 

    Don’t let the alphabet soup of telecommunications scare you.  Let the professionals at TMS Audio Productions polish your brand and enhance your company’s image.  Give us a call at 800-769-4203, and find out what we can do for you.

  • Feb 27 2014

    Tuned In: Is Your Music On-Hold In Compliance?

    Westinghouse and Dr. Frank Conrad (A ham radio operator) created the first commercial radio station, KDKA in Pittsburg, PA.  On November 2, 1920, KDKA transmitted the first commercial radio broadcast, covering the presidential race between Warren G. Harding and James Cox.  Ever since that first broadcast, radio has grown to become the primary audio source of information and entertainment, from sports talk to breaking news, from the Beetles to Beyoncé.  

    But is it right for your on-hold?

    Your favorite radio station has all the chart-toppers, and your callers may enjoy it as well…but without proper licensing, it is illegal to broadcast over your phones.  Copyright laws require that music on-hold and music played in the public space be licensed for such broadcasts.  This protects and compensates the artists, composers, writers and musicians that create the music we all enjoy.

    So while the top 10 countdown may have your callers humming along, you may be breaking the law and not even realize it.  Plus, you’re losing a valuable opportunity to inform callers about your company’s products and services -- in fact, radio gives your competitors an opportunity to advertise to your callers via radio advertising.

    Stay in compliance with the law and let your message be heard by providing your callers with professional, personalized information while on hold.  Hold Power 24® is your all-inclusive solution, giving you music, messaging and copywriting all in one plan-- guaranteed to fit your budget and exceed your expectations.  Every music track, voiceover, and piece of written copy is fully licensed for the life of your TMS on-hold music and messaging plan.  No additional contracts or costly licensing fees are required.

    And Hold Power 24® gives you the ability to be your own DJ!  Mix, manage and update your company’s music on-hold and messaging as often as you like, from any computer or mobile device*, using our easy-to-use cloud-based interface. 

    Professional music on-hold & messaging – and peace of mind!  Talk to a friendly TMS team member now at 800-769-4203 to discuss what plan works best for you.

    *Experience may vary depending on device configuration and data coverage. Mobile carrier rates may apply.

  • Jan 24 2014

    Quality of Service is What Matters Most

    We have often told our clients, “we’re a small company that does big things.” 

    TMS Audio Productions is entering an exciting phase in its history – we are growing!  We have developed new technology which will help our clients save time, increase their return on investment and ultimately create the best possible music on-hold & messaging management experience available.  Our proprietary Internet technology allows clients to point, click, mix and even schedule their on-hold productions from any computer or mobile device quickly, easily, and with no software to install.  Also, they can manage multiple locations’ music on-hold and messaging with one Hold Power 24® account.  We have taken great pride and made considerable investments to develop cutting-edge technology for streamlining and improving our clients’ on-hold marketing … but that’s only one aspect that makes TMS great.

    Above all, we pride ourselves on service.  All the technological advancements in the world mean nothing without it.  We still believe our greatest asset as a company is our passion for working with clients one-on-one to meet their needs and exceed expectations.  As a company, TMS has embraced technology and its ability to deliver results that weren’t possible in the not-to-distant past.  But technology can never replace a one-on-one conversation, a handshake and a smile. 

    Give us a call at 800-769-4203 and see for yourself.  No obligations or high-pressure selling; just a service-first philosophy.  We’ll guarantee you’ll like the way we do business. 

  • Dec 12 2013

    Make On-Hold a New Year's Priority

    As we look forward to a new year, many of us make resolutions for a better future.  More visits to the gym, eating healthier, and spending more time with friends and family are all great goals, but what goals do you have in mind for your business?  At the top of the list should be your business’ communications and marketing, and make sure that music on-hold and messaging services are a priority for 2014. 

    Many businesses miss the opportunity to maximize their use of audio and on-hold messaging and marketing.  According to a Heartbeats International survey only 38 percent of companies have a strategy for how they sound, which includes how they sound when callers are placed on-hold.  With music on-hold and messaging from TMS, you can take full advantage of the wait times on your phones to inform your callers about upcoming promotions, sales and specials.  Inform your patients about important flu season information.  Tell your customers about your new automobile lineup.  Or, inform buyers of your biggest sale of the year.  And, most importantly, show your callers that their time is valuable.

    Also, with a new year, your business may be planning infrastructural upgrades and the implementation of new technology.  If a phone system upgrade is in your company’s future, rest assured that Hold Power 24® on-hold services were created to work hand-in-hand with the latest business phone systems and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology.   Let TMS Audio’s Hold Power 24® system save you time and money by allowing you to point, click, mix, and even schedule your professional on-hold music and messaging productions with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. 

    During the holidays, we embrace values of charity, thanksgiving and fellowship with friends and family, as well as extend courtesy and care to those around us;  be sure to extend the same courtesy and warmth to your customers and callers as well. 

    The team at TMS wishes you and your business a happy and prosperous New Year! See how we can assist you in 2014 and beyond -- give us a ring at 800-769-4203.

  • Nov 12 2013

    Beyond On-Hold: Reflections for the Holidays

    The leaves are falling, the air is getting cooler, and we gather with friends and family as we welcome the winter months. From tailgate parties to holiday homecomings, we all look forward to this time of year. And while we truly value our friends and family, the Thanksgiving dinner table conversation isn’t guaranteed to be all laughs and fond memories, and the annual office party may not be all relaxing celebration around the water cooler. An poll found 80 percent of respondents identify the holiday season as a somewhat to extremely stressful time (ranking it right up there with the stress of asking for a raise!). A National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health report that 66 percent of employees feel more stressed during the holidays.

    Why is such a happy time of year such an anxiety-filled time as well? There are several factors that contribute to holiday seasonal stress (time management, travel, diet, over-spending, etc.), but the most important factor resides in our reuniting and interacting with so many people in our lives. No matter what the hustle-and-bustle this season brings, remember that our relationships with one another should be given utmost priority, and one-on-one communication with friends, family and co-workers is still the backbone of those relationships.

    When end-of-the year schedules, deadlines and holiday angst start to weigh you down, step back, take a breath and reflect on those important in your life. Let the positive moments and thanksgiving for what matters most drive your choice of words and correspondence with others. Because when we strip away the decorations, the bobbles and the bottom lines, the significant essence of the season – our relationships and communications with those we value and love – remains.

  • Oct 16 2013

    Your Callers' Time is Valuable

    According to a recent survey conducted by ResearchNow and commissioned by TalkTo, the average caller will spend 10-20 minutes a week, and approximately 43 days of his/her lifetime on-hold.  The study underscores the fact that it is never desirable to be placed on-hold because time is valuable.

    We are in the Digital Age of burgeoning new technologies that have revolutionized the way we communicate.  However, there is still a fundamental need in both the private- and public-sectors to verbally communicate with one another.  Nothing beats the personal touch of a handshake and a smile; similarly, speaking with someone over the phone is still an essential part of doing business, and in the event a caller is put on-hold, make valuable use of that time.

    What do your callers hear when placed on-hold?  Do they hear “elevator” music, beeps or silence?  Or do they hear valuable, timely information specific to their needs?  Do they hear about upcoming specials, events or important announcements pertinent to them? Providing callers with the information they seek is the foundation of any successful business, no matter what goods or services it provides. And that information can be successfully delivered even when you’re away from the phone.

    When your callers reach out to you, make that time count.  Take the time to write copy and disseminate information to your callers that is important, timely and specific in the event they are placed on-hold.  Technology and communication methods may change, but professional courtesy is never obsolete.

  • Oct 02 2013

    The Four "P"s of Persuasion

    The first is Power.  The more power and influence that a person perceives you have, the more likely that he or she will choose to interact in a business situation.  

    The second is Positioning.  This refers to the way other people think and talk about you when you are not there.  Your position in the minds and hearts of other people largely determines how open they are to being influenced by you. Plan your music on-hold and messaging accordingly.

    The third is Performance - your level of competence and expertise.  A person who is highly respected for his or her ability to research and find cost-effective solutions is far more likely to close sales.

    The fourth is Politeness.  People do things for two reasons, because they want to and because they have to.  When you treat people with kindness, courtesy and respect, you are already to first base in closing the sale.  Remember, people do business with people they like!

  • Sep 25 2013

    "How Are You?"

    Yes, it’s a commonly asked question when greeting existing or prospective customers, but is it appropriate in today’s competitive business world? Is it proper etiquette to ask such an open-ended, intrusive question? The answer is NO! Think about it. What if your customer is having a bad day? How do you think he/she may answer your question? Telephone etiquette is as important as the content of your music on-hold and messaging. Instead of asking your customers “how are you”, greet them by saying something positive and inviting, such as, “Welcome to the services of XYZ Company, how may I help you?” This greeting will enhance the professional brand of your company and save time by steering your energy directly to the needs of your customers.

  • Aug 28 2013

    How Important is Music Style to Your Music On-Hold Marketing Strategy?

    Imagine Barbra Streisand singing Gangnam Style. Or, a professional wrestler reciting 17th century French poetry. Train wrecks don't always happen on tracks. The extra time taken to choose a genre or style of on-hold music that matches your message, your business' reputation, or the season, is time well spent. Generally, choose on-hold music that provides a positive atmosphere for your callers. Make it appropriate to an occasion or event. Be sure the music matches the script, and don't let your on-hold callers hear “Let It Snow” when it's 70 degrees outside. Little things make a difference! For more information regarding your music on-hold and messaging strategy, give your TMS representative a call at 573-893-6993.

  • Aug 13 2013

    When are your customers calling? 

    An advertising strategy takes careful planning. It's not only important who you reach, it's also important where you reach them, and when. It pays to make your music on-hold and messaging time-appropriate.

    For instance, if your switchboard is closed at night, but callers could be forced to wait to reach a voicemail box, use that time to remind them that your staff may be at home with family, but will be eager to return a call first thing in the morning. During specific holidays, don't hesitate to wish your callers a happy Fourth of July (for instance), and remind them about fireworks safety.

    There's a good chance that your on-hold messaging will be a prospective client's first impression of you. Make it count! For more information, feel free to call us at TMS at 800-769-4203.